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Clixsense is the name of trust in the online earning at home.  The site has paid more than $10 million to its more than 4.5 million members till now.  It's the third largest money earning site after Google AdSense and Neobux, and the second largest in paid-to-click earning sites after Neobux.  The company earns hundreds of thousands of dollars from advertizers and pays commission to its affiliate marketeers.

The key to success in Clixsense is to get as many referrals as you can.  If you are a professional or even part time blogger, site owner, business owner, and even a student, Clixsense is the earning place for you.

Business Owners:

Clixsense is the cheapest and the efficient way of advertising your products or services by targeting your local customers or even international customers at a very cheap rate.

Bloggers/Site Owners:

Many bloggers and site owners look for a perfect ad hit program to make their blog very profitable.  Google AdSense are very difficult to obtain.  Clixsense is a good substitute of Google Adsense.  Simply place your Clixsense referral link on your blog or website, where the visitors will watch your Clixsense ad and may register under your downlink.  As and when they register and earn, you will get a handsome commission from their earnings.  You can cashout earnings through Paypal and Payza.


Clixsense is a good source of earning pocket money.  Give a very little time on Clixsense and you can earn by viewing ads, by referring others, by doing simple online tasks, by completing offers, etc.  You can cashout earnings through Paypal and Payza.  You can earn money by:

  • visiting websites,
  • completing free offers on SuperRewards,, Matomy, Supersonic, TrialPay, RadiumOne, TokenAds, OfferToro, Adscend and ClixOffers (like downloading and installing different Android / iOS apps, completing different online surveys, playing games, etc.),
  • completing micro tasks on CrowdFlower (like simple data entry jobs, searching jobs, identifying articles and authors, categorizing businesses, identifying the ad company in advertisements, categorizing twitter accounts, analysing the tweets, searching for business addresses, telephone nos. and email addresses, and so many things.),
  • clicking on ClixGrid game and win surprise money up to $10,
  • referring to your friends,
  • entering into contests,
  • so many things.

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Post Registration:

Many Clixsense referral link marketeer don't support their referrals after they register under their downlink.  This was also happened to me.  I am here to guide you, assist you and may even grant you free Premium membership (if and only if you successfully gather more than 25 active referrals.)

Success Stories:

See the Success Stories of ClixSense users here

How to Earn from ClixSense?

View Advertisements:

1. Go to View Ads page

2. Click on an Ad, a new tab will be opened

3. Now click a Cat among the four given Cat & Dogs selfies for human verification

4. Wait for validation and completion of Ad timer

5. Close the Ad after the completion of Ad, which will be indicated by a 'Green Tick Mark'

6. Repeat the process until all the Ads are viewed

View Advertisements on ClixGrid:

1. Go to ClixGrid page

2. Click on an empty or non-shaded slot, a new tab will be opened

3. Wait for validation and completion of Ad timer

4. Close the Ad after the completion of Ad, which will be indicated by a 'Green Tick Mark'.  If you won a prize, it will display a trophy and the $ amount you won.

5. Repeat the process until you viewed 30 Ads.

Complete Tasks:

1. Go to Complete Tasks

2. Click on a task, which you think you can do.  Most of the tasks are easy and takes 4-5 minutes.  Read and follow the task instructions.  After completing the task, click the Submit button. Go to CrowdFlower help page for more information & FAQs

3. After completing the task, check your ClixSense Main Balance.  You can also check it by visiting to ClixSense's Task History Page

Help & Support:

Don't forget to visit ClixSense's Forum, FAQ page and Affiliates page